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Comments (4)

Shaun Abrahamson said

at 12:09 pm on Apr 4, 2009

Quick thanks to everyone on the list. Enjoying getting the Changebot updates and finding new and interesting crowdsourcing example, nearly everyday.
- Shaun

Paul Marsden said

at 8:53 pm on Apr 13, 2009

Put names in correct alphabetical order as per instructions.

Shaun Abrahamson said

at 4:09 am on Apr 28, 2009

Dear contributors,

Thought this project might be of interest, too. Crowdsourcing a book that deals with co-creation and other themes related to crowdsourcing. May be worth checking out.


- Shaun

Shaun Abrahamson said

at 7:16 am on Jul 9, 2009

Hello everyone.

Our team at Mutopo made a first pass at a framework to help organizations plan and organize mass collaboration (crowdsourcing, co-creation, open innovation, etc).

You are an ideal group to help us build this out, so we'd like to invite you to help - http://www.colaboratorie.org.

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